Time, seems to be a inescapable constant of our existence. Yet, all we know of time is how to collectively track its progression. Questions still arise about its form, potential and even its own existence. The question of its reality is elusive to many minds who choose to contemplate its depth. What if time is but an illusion of consciousness? The very thought is contradictory to how we perceive our own being. It is unclear to whether we create time with our perception or if it is responsible for the creation of our perceptions.

Imagine if you will that time is just an illusion. This would imply a great number of things. First that there is no real truth to past, present or future. All matter, energy and existence would be singular. There is no difference between one substance or another. All things would be relative to the perceptions of the conscious mind’s interpretation of the world around (or within) it. There is nothing beyond the singularity of all existence. Nothing dies, nothing lives. Nothing is all of existence and all of existence is nothing. This may seem to be a dim outlook yet the outcome never determines the truth. There is something to be said about the beauty of this scenarios possibility.

Imagine once more with me a world where the fore mentioned is true. You need not fear death or loss. You need not fear strife or pain cause all is one and one is all. This manner of existence would be truly unifying of all living and non-living entities. Bridging the “living” to the “dead” and subsequently to those who have yet to come. Nothing is forever because all is together in one. A true singularity. There is no measure to its end and no beginning to the boundlessness of existence. Time is the one inescapable concept which divides us from a true perspective of everything.

Let me know what you think. Is time a priori?