Thank you for joining me in this grand adventure we know as philosophy. I have come to appreciate the value of philosophy. With great pleasure, I will share with you what I have discovered. This hobby of philosophizing has guided my mind around the world and through time. It has broadened my horizons and allowed me to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes.

In my humble opinion, philosophy is not only for the most notable scholars, but for everyone. It must be said that the further you dive into the realms of deep thought, the more scholarly you will become. As is the nature of knowledge.

My vision for the future is a return to the great practice of discussing freely the ideas of reality, knowledge, ethics and society. Now more than ever, we must sharpen one another’s minds. If we are to flourish as a people we must strive to the betterment of our most precious gift…our ability to be rational.

To begin our first step, let us discuss some basic terms.


Epistemology – The study of knowledge, how do we know, what we think we know. Do we really know anything at all?

Metaphysics – The study of reality, how does reality exist and what is existence?

Ethical/Moral Philosophy – The study of behaviors/actions , how should we act and what does it mean to live the good life?

Social/Political Philosophy – The study of societies/governments. They can’t all be bad right?

Theology – The subject of God and his existence. [Not exclusive to religious scholars; yet dominated in favor for existence of a God.]

Regarding Claims:

Absolute – Something which requires nothing else to function or exist.

Agnosticism/Gnosticism – An epistemological claim about reality. Agnostics would assert that they can not know, where as a Gnostic would claim that they can or do know the absolutes of reality.

Atheism/Theism – A theological claim, in regards to the belief in a God(s). Atheists do not believe in a God(s), where Theists do believe in a God(s).

Nihilism – The belief that there is no meaning, purpose or value in existence. The most depressing topic ever.

Pantheism – A belief about the nature of God; that it is everything and everything is God.

Regarding Processes:

Apologetics – Not an apology in common terms, but to defend oneself. The Apology by Plato, for example, was Socrates’ defense in court.

Deductive – A process in logic to go from general concepts to particulars. Deductive reasoning is concerned with possibility not probability.

Inductive – The opposite of Deductive, or to go from particular observations to general concepts. Inductive is more concerned with probability than possibility.

Dialectic – Coming to logical conclusions through dialogue. You know like just talking about reality, metaphysics, ethics or any above mentioned topics.

Socratic Method – To seek truth through rigorous questions, often ambiguous.

Hopefully this list has shed some light on that which was dark before. Please, join me on this journey toward understanding. All you need is time and curious spirit.

Jeremiah Parson